Dropped items collection

Hi guys!

I have been able to create my first mod because of some people on here, but I will not be publishing it right now, I need to format my computer and I will make it smaller in size before publishing it.

I would now like to start my 2nd mod and would like to know how to collect specific dropped items? (For example, creating a poop collector)

I can’t seem to find an appropriate answer on here about that.

Please keep in mind I am new to this so if you could provide some screenshots or a quick video or lots of explanation would be really nice ! (Especially if it has to do with graphs, as I have not touched this part yet in the Dev Kit)

Thanks to this awesome community, I really like this website and will surely help others when I can, to give back to it, :slight_smile:

Anyone? :slight_smile:

You’d have to toy with the graph to create a collision sphere around an object to hit each object in the area and see if it’s what you’re looking to pickup. Then, you add it to the inventory and then destroy it.

Hey Huston850 :slight_smile: I see we meet again on here hehe!

Thanks for your reply, do you have a graph that you could show me that would do that or something really similar? (I have never touched graph and don’t really know how it works…)
I might look into that next week, since I will be rebuilding my computer and formatting this week-end :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’m not saying this is the right way, or the most efficient way, but with what little information I gathered… Well, it works. If anything isn’t self explanatory just tell me. You might need to do some guesswork until you get everything just right for what you’re doing. I suggest practicing with the graph to get comfortable with it enough to do exactly what you need for your mod. This is the graph inside of my EggCollectorBP (not PrimalItemStructure).