Dropdown menu to show or hide fields in defaults

I would like to achieve this behavior when the user is editing blueprint defaults (not an instance):

  • An enum property can be selected from a drop down menu (this is trivial)
  • Based on the selection different fielda are shown

I have seen this feature in some places in the editor, though I can’t recall exactly where- I believe it was a float value which could be constant or random within a range. Depending on selection different fields were shown.

Does anyone know whether this behavior is possible in 4.7 and how?

You need to make use of details customisation.

Easiest approach is probably to just add some widget content for each enum, with a visibility delegate attached which checks the current selection in your drop down to show/hide as appropriate.

An incredibly helpful resource, thanks a lot kamrann. :slight_smile:

No worries. Yep, for all that the C++ documentation is lacking, there are a few real gems in there if you can find them. That one in particular is excellent.