drop ue tools framework requirement.

When Epic has plans to drop UE tools net framework based system to something slimmer that requires no external dependencies and is cross platform?

Is it possible to compile Windows binaries in Ubuntu? or it is not supported yet?

We want to do this, but don’t have a definite plan or timeframe as it’s not blocking progress on anything critical. Given our other big plans, I expect we won’t be removing the tools .NET dependency in 2016, but perhaps in 2017.

Have you guys, I don’t know, thought about setting bounties for this kind of thing? If you don’t have the time for making things like that, someone else might give it a try, if sufficient reward is involved.

It is really great to hear that you have even considered replacing .NET tools, thanks Tim.

Just curious this far, any new talks inside EPIC about making UE4 C# requirement completely optional?

I have been wondering about this as well. You guys made the engine open source, so finding people who are willing to contribute to the engine (for free or paid) shouldn’t be too hard by now, more so if you set a bounty.