Drop in/Drop out splitscreen | Assigning Player Controller IDs

Running into a slight bug when dropping out players 2 or 3 and rejoining them in a splitscreen game. It seems like the players are being assigned to the wrong player controllers, and thus their UI is being double assigned to an existing screen.

So my question here is… when using the Remove Player node, does this reorder the Player Controller IDs, or does it leave a gap? My system was taking account for a gap, but trying it without the gap and adding the new player at the end regardless is seeming to be just as broken.

Halp! Any advice or extra resources or links on this would be more than helpful.

Let me refine this question. I just followed one of the Epic Games official tutorials on Local Multiplayer. The big issue with going that route is that it seems like there’s no way to vary the amount of players in the game. If I want players to press Start to join/drop out of the game, then they need a player controller in the game in the first first place which forces me to go from 1 player to 4 players. This is because without a player controller in the game you can’t get input from a connected controller.

If I’m wrong about that, please let me know. That would save me a huge headache.

So I’m looking for a way to add drop in drop out that allows me to go from no split screen, to 2 players, to 3, to 4 as more players join, splitting the screen appropriately as they go rather than (what’s shown in the video) having 3 empty screens until the players press start to join in. Seems kind of silly that the ONE official tutorial on local multiplayer even considered that as a viable option.

I’d be more than happy to see a real solution to this problem. Right now I’m forcing the first player to invite players to join the game through their pause menu, which is just kind of meh.

This isn’t an answer but a reinforcement of the same, I just finished watching the live training video: Now this is an official Epic training video and does touch on almost everything minus the big one mentioned above, to listen to the controller for input you seem to absolutely need a player controller for it but the second you have more than one player controller in the game a screen is added to each one if splitscreen is enabled. Now I found another video that went into how to disable and re-enable the splitscreen effectively enabling you to have one screen or as many as there are player controllers. Unfortunately this means that you end up with the same issue. Is there any way to have an input listener without a player controller to listen for the Start button and then add a new player controller in then? This way we can avoid the first player having to pause the game and invite new players and instead we can have the same drop in drop out splitscreen functionality that has been considered standard in any multiplayer game that offers splitscreen for the past decade or so.

Hehehe, I see we share a common interest in a certain character. Yeah, I need help with this as well.

Almost two years later I’m having the same problem and have scoured the internet for a resolution.

Well it’s been almost three years since my post and I’ve since abandoned my old project due to time constraints with grad-school. Got some free time now thanks to some not so great current events and looking into this again, is there really no options for drop-in/drop-out splitscreen? drop-in/drop-out over network is easy but couch-coop, while not popular, is still a feature we would like to support.

I’d like to know this as well

I thought this would be easy in UE4, but the lack of quality tutorials is depressing.

Would be interested in the same. If anyone has any luck please let me know too.