So I’m trying to find a way to make creature drool from inside UE, and not going outside to Houdini, Maya etc. I was thinking of using the cable tool, making it translucent and attaching it to the inside of the upper and lower jaws, but I can only seem to attach one end per mesh. There must be a simple way of creating stretching strands inside a mouth, but my limited brainpower is providing me with no clues. Any ideas?

I like the cable tool idea, but I’ve never used it. From looking into it, maybe you could hook the end to a socket on the character with the start being the actor itself? It does have a component hook too, ie, a scene component.

Though, particle emitters come to mind first. Maybe a Beam Emitter could achieve what you’re after? If you need physics for some reason, maybe physics constraints?

Make a single textured quad stretching from top to bottom. Texture it with a thin strand of drool. You can do this with static meshes using the Mesh Editing expermental tools, but I don’t think that works on skinned meshes, unfortunately?
(I know you said “no Maya” but export to Blender, add the triangle/material attached to existing vertices, import back in, might not be so bad)