Drone Zone : Multiplayer aerial kart style racing and combat!

Hello all, I’m Tom Shannon, the lead designer, tech artist and so far lead programmer (blueprints, yay!) on Drone Zone.
After months of playing with prototypes, learning Unreal Engine 4 and getting a small team together, I’m happy to announce that development on Drone Zone is officially started!

While it’s certainly exciting and we’ve got some basic systems in place, the game is pretty ambitious and has a lot of work left on it yet.

So, what IS Drone Zone all about?

You, the player, pilots a fully customize-able drone to battle friends and strangers in a multitude of intense game modes from Mario Kart style races to capture-the-flag to hide-and-seek style games. You harness a variety of special attacks that range from turbo boosts to EMP blasts that take your opponents out for just long enough to make your move or a shock-wave that sends the opposing team flying away in every direction.

The level design is based on real-world locations such as construction sites, hangars and subway stations. The feeling of exploring and playing games in these spaces is fantastic in your nimble little Drone.

Choose from several classes of drones to meet your play style; From quick and nimble to heavy and blisteringly fast, match your Drone to your play style and course at hand.

Customize your garage of drones with an array of awesome liveries, special effects and other customization that will make your Drones stand out from the crowd.

What’s coming?

We’ll be updating this post and the blog at and of course, the indieDB page at regularly with new media, development discussions, learning experiences and other tidbits as we ramp up the development of the game.

We’re still trying to figure out who’s going to pay for all this! We’re considering our funding options and how we can ensure this game lives up to its full potential.

Thanks for coming by and supporting us! We hope you like what you see and have a good time following us as we make this together.


Latest Video:

I thought you were just playing around with the drone, but it’s turning into a full game? :eek: Awesome!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Fantastic work Tom Shannon! That seems like it would be a fun game to play with friends. Great job and be sure to keep us posted as you progress through the development.


New IPO !

You Rock Tom Shannon!


PS: I can’t help but ask, will there ever be enemies/targets added that I can shoot at with that awesome looking flying copter?


Jacky and Sean, thank you so much! I’ll be updating as much as humanly possible and will be leaning on the community and Epic a lot as we get deeper into development, I’m sure.

Rama> There will be other players! We should have a multiplayer gameplay video out here shortly :smiley:
I’m implementing the EMP right now as we speak. It looks a bit like this:

I’m not sure if Bots will be feasible (Mostly because my limited capabilities programming AI), but who knows what the future holds :stuck_out_tongue: