DRONE Zero Gravity, Release date: TBD

Prepare to enter the unknown with Isaac Nichols’ first video game title, Drone Zero Gravity for Windows desktop PCs. As a space drone, navigate mazes, glide through corridors plagued with lasers and incoming energy weapons. The sole purpose of the drones existence is to ensure the survival of humankind in this space adventure game. The game spans from puzzles to all out cat and mouse warfare.

Game Information
Title: Drone Zero Gravity
Genre: Single Player, Action, Puzzle, Adventure, Shooter, 3D/Side-Scroller
Platform: Windows desktop PC
Release date, Q3 Delayed

  • Drone Zero Gravity Features
  • Single Player Story Mode and Survival Wave Mode
  • Propel through space dodging asteroids, lasers and enemy projectiles
  • Manipulate physical objects
  • Explore the dark depths of asteroid caves
  • Assume control over human technology to gain access and progress to more challenging levels
  • Play to an engaging soundtrack




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Youtube Channel [SIZE=1]Random videos and a few tutorials

I found a video of this on youtube about a week or so ago, looks like you’ve got a lot more into the game since I saw it :cool:. Great stuff!

Thank you for the kind words Chance!

This looks pretty interesting, I love the level design. Reminds me of the Smash Bros series. =)

Thanks for the kind words SE_JonF, you can test it out now if you like. Download links are available in the first post now.

Thank you for the support Unreal community, DRONE Zero Gravity has been Greenlit!

Also, there are a couple more tutorials/tips I would like to post soon, just been super busy. I have been learning alot over the past months and would like to share.

Drone Zero Gravity Delaying Release


Drone Zero Gravity has been delayed :(. All the levels are done :slight_smile: but the game still needs a lot of work before releasing it :(. With that said, I did make a new gameplay video of some of the combat. :slight_smile:

Also, the website was updated with new screenshots. Here are a couple.

That is all,

Omg, every time I search Unreal forums, I come across something so amazing. Really visually pleasing, and gameplay also looks very good. Keep it up, don’t worry about delays, just publish it really polished!

This is so awesome! Keep it up, can’t wait for the final release! =)

Thanks for the encouraging words. I felt bad I had to delay but everyone has been very positive about it.


Thanks SE_JonF! Working on it now :slight_smile:

Drone Zero Gravity SFX WIP

Working and learning about SFX in unreal engine. Also some more gameplay.


After a long journey, Drone Zero Gravity is available on steam now :slight_smile:

Completed expansion “The Beginning”

Just sharing a video of one of the levels. :slight_smile: