Drone Software Engineer Wanted

Verge Aero empowers entertainment industry professionals to create extraordinary drone performances at the touch of a button! We’re building cutting-edge technologies to control drone fleets for concerts, special events, amusement parks, etc. Our technologies will supplement - or maybe replace - fireworks, turn drones into actors in a live performance, or paint pictures in the sky. You can see some of what we do on our website,

Verge Aero is looking for a software engineer/video game developer to integrate into the core engineering team. This engineer must have demonstrated strong object oriented programming knowledge and be familiar with development in a video game engine environment. Aside from great interpersonal and communication skills, the candidate should be ready to work on a quickly evolving, cutting-edge drone control technology with a passionate team of engineers, creatives, and enthusiasts. Most importantly, the candidate must be able to operate independently with limited guidance and have the ability to rapidly learn new skills.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A background in computer engineering or computer science and a demonstrated ability to convert theory into practice
  • Excellent team and communication skills
  • Excellent object oriented programming knowledge is a must (e.g…C# .NET, Java) Strong C/C++ knowledge is a plus.
  • Expertise building user interfaces for 3D game engines
  • Ability to work with internal and external stakeholders for UI/UX design
  • Expertise interfacing with network/transport layers is a plus
  • Knowledge of common software practices such as version control and documentation
  • General knowledge in electrical, mechanical, and/or aerospace engineering is a plus

We are venture-backed, funded, and based at the Pennovation Center in Philadelphia. If you’re interested, please send a resume and cover letter to

I wonder why are you searching an engineer at this forum but to tell the truth you hit the bull’s-eye. I was thinking about drone plugin for a while) Sending you a CV.

What does this have to do with the Unreal Engine?