Hello! :slight_smile:
My 1st post here so… My name is Piotrek and I work as game art 3D artist for about 2 years now.
I want to share with you guys creature I’m working on (only animations left). I was wondering if you would like to see this dude on Marketplace? If yes what kind of animations would you like to see in? Or maybe cheaper without animations only with rig? All C&C are welcome. I plan to make “friends” for him (flying, crawling etc.).

See 3D model here -


Why not? The model looks very clean with some animations it will rock :wink:

Rock you say? :slight_smile: I’ve already made one test animation (need tweaks for sure) to check if bones are correct.

(Sry if i speak english like a spanish cow)…

The idle pose is nice! Keep up the good work :wink:
Perhaps make him slightly put one or two leg(s) in air while moving.