Driving movement and animations from Axis input and AI input... [UE5-EA]

Hello, its my first question on forum,

I have model of Drone for players to fly around on map. And this model have some nice animations like spreading wings when accelerating and leaning forward and backward. Some lights etc. And this all is controlled by axis input. So to say arrow keys and mouse. And it looks perfect.

In other part of the game this drone in controlled by AI. So there is no such an input. Its just like turn actor and move to location.

That’s totally different way of moving so no input for my animations.

Any ideas how to bring it all to one. Transforming information from this two ways of moving items to some common language to control animations?

For now I have idea to analyze the speed and direction of movement and calculate a value from it that could resemble the value of the axis given by the keys.

I have bigger problem with figuring out how to simulate mouse movement. Correlating the position of the rotator now and the target rotator and generating an appropriate value?

Anyone have experience with this issue? Anyone done something similar?