Driving AI Behaviors with data

I’m new to unreal and trying to understand the best way to drive ai behaviors with data derived from a json file.

The data controls what type of targets the behaviors will move to, their speed, etc.

I have a json source for these values which will differ for each npc character in the game.

I have a template character blueprint for an npc.

Right now, using python in the editor, I am duplicating each template for each npc, trying to modify it’s blackboard component with the data and then saving the blueprint out.

I have a game blueprint that will loop through its own blackboard and instantiate each npc in the world once the game is ready.

This way I can quickly iterate and tune the values in the data, run a python script in editor to apply the data and then view the results at runtime.

In playcanvas and unity I would load the json data at runtime, store it in a static class or global variable and have each actor’s logic reference the data after actor is instantiated/spawned.

Is applying the data to blackboard components in the editor via python the recommended way of doing this?

Unreal seems to have thought of everything so though I’d check with the community.

Thank you.