Driving a story through animation and blueprints

Hi, I am making a short story game where there is no fighting. The entire scene is almost entirely driven by NPCs, except that the player is able to walk around a bit until it steps on a trigger volume.

I keep working on the animations but I am not so sure how to link them together. Basically, after the event is triggered, the scene is entirely replaced by animations. Custom animation sequences are played on the NPCs in the scene in chronological order. The player’s movement is also entirely replaced by several animation sequences. How can I do that? I am point blank at the moment as I don’t know where to start. Is it a matter of the level blueprint or/and the AI blueprint?


You need to use animation blueprints and a state machine.
Animation Blueprint

State Machine

This series goes into it quite well.

So you mean that for the NPC, i have to use the animation blueprint and it’s nothing to do with other blueprints?

It totally makes sense to use animation blueprint, but just to make sure that it’s nothing to do with AI blueprint or other things like that.

The animation blueprint is separate from the AI blueprints, yes.