driver crashed and was reset after running game on laptop

Hello all,

After I packaged my “game”. I put the game on a portable USB stick and transfer the data to my laptop (ASUS EeeBook x205TA) to test if it can run my simple game for a admission for a college.
but when I run my game it stays black for half a minute and then gives me the message: “Driver crashed and was reset, make sure your video drivers are up to date”.
this laptop contains Intel HD Graphics and a Intel Atom CPU Z3735F @ 1,33GHz processor and I have installed the latest drivers but it is still not working.
is there a way to make a 3D game compatible with this hardware?

thanks in advance,


the game is made on my main PC (AMD FX-8320E 8cores processor, GTX 660, 12GB RAM). so, so small hardware difference or huge hardware difference either.