Driver crash when using BP_HUD when function is deleted

This is 100% repetable.

Open Blueprint_HUD level form ContentExamples. Open BP_HUD_Example and delete ‘Draw button’ function. Hit play and press M.

Shouldn’t there be some safety handling for that kind of weird operations? or this is just my wrong using of UE4? people can sometimes forget to copy some functions and it should not crash our systems so badly :slight_smile: I had to wait some time until windows discovered that something is wrong, even when message popuped that driver crashed… to get full functionality back I had to restart PC.

Hey EnOnE Masta,

I tried to reproduce this error and while there weren’t any buttons in the pause menu, my graphics drivers were fine and I could just hit Escape to get out of the pause menu. I’m using a GTX 770, though.

Can you pass along your driver information and your dxdiag? We’ve been trying to track down some bugs that involve certain drivers and you might be able to help us.



Hmmm that is strange, I can not reproduce it. Yesterday it happend to me like 3 times in a row. Previously I had this card and after 15 minutes UE4 always crashed so I thought there is something wrong with GPU, then I bought gtx770 and it started to crash like I described in first post. But I have just turned on my PC and maybe this has something to go with time of working. I will test it today and will let you know. Currently my drv version is 337.88

I’m keeping an eye on this post, so just let me know if you start having trouble again. If you can reproduce it, just let me know and I’ll try to help you fix it.