Driveable Vehicle : Car Hatchback Horo

Hi, another vehicle from me this time its different, its not military vehicle.
Its small car based on my daily driver for 13 years.
Its Italian car with engine 1.9 JTD ( Diesel ), 79 HP Beast :slight_smile: gas mileage is excellent, car was never released in USA so there is that
But thanks to UE4 i have chance to immortalized it…
The car is complete with physics and morphing points, complete skeletal is skinned by standard of GTA skeletal system ( if you are copy something copy the best ).
I put so much in this blueprints i was working on it for 2 months from scratch to finish. Had to remodel twice before i figure out proper collision system, first time i was going with switch of the components but then i remembered that morphing points exists and that was better solution for collision.

Some of the functionality of the blueprint
Basic functionality :

  • Detailed cockpit (With all of the icons, lights, indicators, error codes etc)
  • Working gauges (RPM, speed, fuel, temperature, onboard computer etc)
  • Infinite number of color combinations for body, rims and brakes.
  • Active suspensions
  • Working left - right indicators
  • Working lights LO / Hi Beam
  • Working doors
  • Multiple camera with blend transitions
  • All sounds (Start, stop, engine, collision, gearbox, etc.)
  • Particle effects (Smoke, impact, exhaust, skid marks etc)

**Advanced functionality **

  • Full damage system for collision and impact with 9 morphing points.
  • Detachable elements (Bumpers, bonnet, boot, mirrors)
  • Damage system for projectiles (Breakable headlights, and taillights, side indicators, mirrors windshields and glass)
  • Control vehicle while in air
  • Integrated fuel system with refueling station
  • Car alarm and locking
  • Car breaking and entry
  • Destroyed versions
  • Weak spots at fuel tank if damaged with projectiles

**Demonstration video **

Damage and repair cupercut

**Drive my car :slight_smile: **
Playable demo

Market place link

But there is one thing that i could not do it its flat tires, i tried everything but my humble knowledge of UE prevent me to do it.
I can’t cast or change radius of wheel from blueprint, and my knowledge of c++ is limited to create new class.
Believe my i tried everything but could not do it, the mesh is skinned with tire and rims separated so in future i can add that .
If anyone have idea how to do it please send e-mail.
And if by chance some of the developers working on vehicle class in UE4 please tell me is there a way to make flat tire :slight_smile:

I like this little car so much and its so cool to see it in Unreal 4.
Those are winter tires, i started modeling when car was on summer rims and tires

Thanks to everyone

Market place link
Publisher Portal < this wrong link

Hey thanks :slight_smile: