Driveable Vehicle : APC-80

First to say thank you for everyone who purchased any of my projects, and i’m sorry to everyone who send e-mail and i didnt respond i will explain here and i will sent everyone e-mails why is that.
I finished this project 60 days ago and was approved by epic but i didn’t make any video explaining vehicle so i postponed to release project until i finished the video.
But two months ago my left eye lost 70% of sight so i went do clinic, doctors, magnetic resonance, to figure out why, and finally i went on surgery and need to rest my eye for 30 days so i didn’t get close to my pc, and in process i lost my job so most of my medical bill was covered by marketplace payment, so again thank you you made my eye better.

And thank you for everyone submitting bugs, i need that feedback to improve my vehicles without feedback i don’t know what is wrong with vehicles and my projects.
Again i will catch up and respond to every e-mail and question, considering i dont have job creating content for marketplace is now full time.
And i sell my projects only on Market place

W will start to work on my next vehicle that i wanted to do for long time its Attack helicopter.

**About this project **

Fully working Armored Personnel Carrier including

Fully working Armored Personnel Carrier, it has two skins, and fully working turret, realistic sounds of the engine and main - secondary weapons.

Working smoke screen, and ability to close an open front windows.

It can be used in any game or project, the physics of the vehicle is realistic, it have active suspension, also in project is included destroyed version of the vehicle.

Vehicle is build from scratch.

  • Two skins woodland and desert camo
  • PBR textures 4k body, 2k turret, 1k tires, 512x512 Lights
  • Working turret with main gun and secondary weapon
  • Realistic sounds engine, weapons, etc
  • Working smoke screen
  • Working windows ( open / close )
  • Particle effects ( muzzle flashes, smoke screen, tire particle effects )
  • Enter exit vehicle at any time
  • Multiple camera location
  • Working hud with custom icons
  • Active suspension
  • Working lights, working indicators and brake lights
  • Working health system with localized damage spots ( lights can be shot individually )
  • Destroyed version of the vehicle is included
  • Ability to add RPG armor on the vehicle and RPG armor will count as protection


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