Driveable Vehicle : AH Raider ( Helicopter )

Another vehicle from me enjoy guys i hope that epic will release soon this one.
Breakdown video is coming up soon but enjoy this little demonstration, i just had to do it :slight_smile:

Couple screens with different skins, and stub wings addon :slight_smile:

More on :

Fully working stealth armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter, AH- Raider it has five skins, and fully working turret, working rocket pods working guidet Hellfire and Stinger missles.

Realistic sounds of the engine and main - secondary weapons.

Working flares, animated landing gears and weapon bay doors.

Ability to add stub wings ( increase number of Hellfires and Stinger missles )

It can be used in any game or project, also in project is included destroyed version of the vehicle.

Vehicle is build from scratch.

If you owned computer in 1998 some nostalgia will kick in.

Fully working Aworking stealth armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter

  • Five skins marine skin, woodland camo , desert camo, digital camo and tiger shark :slight_smile:
  • PBR textures 4k body, 4k cockpit, 1k rocket pods, 1k missiles, 512x512 windshield, 512x512 lights
  • Working turret
  • Working rocket pods
  • Working guided Hellfire and Stinger missles
  • Working flares
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Realistic sounds engine, weapons, etc
  • Animated landing gears
  • Animated weapons bay
  • Particle effects for muzzle flashes, missile launches, rocket pods fire etc
  • Enter exit vehicle at any time
  • Multiple camera location
  • Working hud with custom icons
  • Working lights, working indicators
  • Working health system
  • Destroyed version of the vehicle is included
  • Ability to stub wings for additional Hellfires and Stinger missles