Driveable Vehicle : AH-M28 Hunter

Hi guys another project from me hope you find it useful.
Fully working attack helicopter, AH-M28 Hunter a featuring 8 skins, and fully working turret, working rocket pods working guided Air to air and Air to ground missiles . Realistic sounds of the engine and main - secondary weapons. Working flares and the ability to choose loadouts. It can be used in any game or project, also in project is included destroyed version of the vehicle. Vehicle is built from scratch. Keyboard and mouse for controlling the vehicle.

  • Fully working attack helicopter
  • 8 skins: Woodland, Woodland Zero , Digital camo, Digital camo zero, Tiger Shark, Tiger Shark Zero, Tiger, Night Hunter
  • PBR textures 4k body, 4k cockpit, 2k rocket pods, 2k missiles, 512x512 windshield, 512x512 lights
  • Working gauges: altitude, climb, RPM, etc.
  • Working turret
  • Working rocket pods
  • Working guided AAM and ATG missiles


Demo download

Couple of screenshots made with some Quixel assets, i’m no environment artist but i do my best

Marketplace link
More screenshots on