Driveable Vehicle : AH -1 / King Cobra

Well, some of you guys wanted Super Cobra in UE4 and i will try to deliver it.
What will be included in UE 4 blueprint

  • PBR textures
  • Fully functional helicopter - gunship platform
  • 5 skins for now
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Fully functional weapons Gunners turret, Rockets, Stingers and Hellfire missiles
  • Destroyed model

For now its time to start implementing this model to UE4.

Any critique is most welcome.


Its just perfect !

I wish there was more russian side vehicules for a good bf game, because i can t find any good vehicule ( in cgtrader or other 3d websites )

Hi sorry for late reply, my gpu died twice , and actually i just finished the project, i was out for 30 days.
Next vehicle will be some of the russian equipment