Driveable Cars: Advanced Pack. GTA Style Vehicle interaction and physics + car damge & deformation

We have finally released the Advanced pack of our Driveable Cars series: watch launch trailer

It includes 3rd person template + vehicle game template and:

  • enter & exit animations
  • car damage, deformation and destruction
  • surface type detection and response
  • tyre marks
  • improved physics

Hope you enjoy it!

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Nice looking trailer! Will you be adding the more sporty cars from your other packs…
Even better maybe, adding more exotic supercar / hypercar looking models to this? :smiley:


Been following your work for some time, I enjoyed the demo and the destruction and driving physics/mechanics are way more solid than the competitors, very well done.

My question would be about how extendable this content would be in terms of adding your own custom modeled vehicles? I see on the Marketplace listing that Documentation is coming soon but I assume that would cover how one would integrate new assets built to the same specification.

Also, for a bug I encountered, I managed to get my FPS in-car camera upside down on the neck (stuck inverted looking “up” upside down at the neck and dash). I think it was from spinning or orbiting the camera under/around the player character in third person before entering the car. Hope this helps track it down.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to other packs! The quality and polish is a cut above.

Thanks Clavos Tech, sure, our next steps is making all our previous cars compatible with this one.
We also have more new cars on our roadmap. We’ll keep posting them on our youtube channelas soon as we have something to show :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments gausswerks.

Answering your first question, you are right, any one would be able to include a custom vehicle to the Advanced Pack. However, the system uses quite complex structure and specifications that need to be followed to make it work. That’s why we will soon deliver some documentation and tutorials so you guys can import your own vehicles without any problem

Regarding the bug you found, thanks a lot for reporting it, we’ll take a look at it!