Driveable Boat

I made a Boat with Water Buoyancy.
To make the Boat driveable, i used the “floating pawn movement” component. To drive the boat, i used “add movement input” which works fine in standalone and as Server.
But when I play as Client, the boat does not move or is very laggy.
(I’ve enabled “replicate movement”, without it does not work on multiplayer i think)

What physics substeping settings do you use in the project?

I added a static mesh.

And this are the Physic settings:

I mean this settings in the project settings window:

Perhaps you need to enable the “Subsepping Async” option in order for the physics calculation to be performed the same on different devices, because otherwise physics is considered differently on different devices, because different devices have different performance, which is why physical calculations cannot be replicated between them over the network. This option is specifically designed so that physical calculations can be replicated in multiplayer.
Maybe you need to study this point more.

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