Drive an animation with audio (can’t get Envelope data)

I want to move the character mouth using sound. I already did this to my playable character using the Audio Capture component > On Audio Envelope Value (and at this point I can get the envelope value).

Now I want to do this to my NPCs, but instead of the microphone (Audio Capture), I want to use recorded sounds.

On UE4 4.23 there is the Audio Curve Source component inside the NPCs blueprint. Inside the audio I will use, I checked “Enable Amplitude Envelope Analysis”.
I try to “Get Cooked Envelope Data” and the return value is false.

I also tried to just spawn a 2d sound, and also can’t “Get Cooked Envelope Data”.

Why can’t I get the envelope of a sound (whatever if it’s an Audio Curve Source component or an spawned 2d sound) like I do on Audio Capture component?

I updated the engine from 4.23 to 4.26 and the “Audio Curve Source” and it’s “On Audio Single Envelope Value” are working now. If someone is having the same problem, just update the engine and everything will work.
The Audio Curve Source component is really nice.