Drive a boat: Why the boat is spinning when moving forward?

Hi! As a new unreal user I am making many mistakes when creating projects:
I would like to create a simple drivable boat in first person. I have followed a tutorial to make it.

-I added the ‘’ moving forward and aft movement " and it works.
-I added the " moving right and left movement " and it works.


-When I added the " rotation movement " my ship become crazy. The boat is spinning when I try to move forward but it is okay when going backward.

After many reserches I did not find any responses, that’s why I am here.
Here is my blueprint :

I don’t know what to do.

You should break down what the On Tick part you added is actually doing.

Also, you can plug that in directly after the axis inputs.
Axis input always run every tick.
And you should probably put a Branch and stop their execution when the input of the axis is 0.
Save some on processing power…

Last but not least.
Rotation from X vector could just be the wrong vector.
But really, I have no idea of why you are even doing that…

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First of all, thank you for your help.
I followed your advices but the ship’s behaviour remains crazy when I press Z (forward input). The chosen axis is the right one because I want my boat to yaw when I turn my camera (FPS behaviour).

I accidentaly make the topic solved but I’m still looking for clues. Thank you

Hey, maybe share a video of the behaviour you want.

The way you have it now has nothing to do with camera movement…

Hey. I finally found the way: I simply added the input axis turn as you told me. Then I plugged it to an add controller yaw input. And it works! Thank you very much!

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Can you please add your screenshot? after solution

Can you post screenshot of your solution? Thanks