Driftland: The Magic Revival [wip - early access]


Driftland The Magic Revival is a real time strategy game in a fantasy world made up of scattered islands.

Delving into the details of the mechanics of the game,Driftland is a 4X strategy with sim, god game, and city building mechanics in a real time with an advanced active pause.

We are 10-people core team, but for over 3 years of work on the game, we have outsourced some of the work :slight_smile: During early access on Steam, the game has evolved from version 0.4 to 0.7.xx currently.

Last weekend, during Poznan Game Arena 2018 - the biggest game fair in Poland, our team - Star Drifters have won The Best Indie Game prize from among 100 other great indie games exhibited at the fair :slight_smile:

And Yes! we had a first cosplay

:slight_smile: in the history of Driftland: The Magic Revival - just take a look:

Driftland on Steam:

short gameplay:


This is how the work on a literally groundbreaking strategy game looks like :slight_smile:


But seriously - we just released a large update - Take a look at our page on Steam: