Drift-T The Race

Custom PhysX based Drifting/Racing Engine

Second run

DriftRun No.2 dev test cockpit drive. old gamepad

Game is inpired by Ken Block, Formula Drift Japan, TogueRacers & Rallye competitions targeted mainly for special car handling


Torque system redefinition & car model upgrade still controlled with gamepad

How did you get the cars to drift? Please help.

Hi All, there is new progress of game with name "Drif-T " after longer time because I’ve been developing plugin name WM Input Manager to allow developers/players to use joysticks/gamepads of different types in game with ability to visually assign theese devices and remap them .

This looks really cool! Is it made primarily with C++ or Blueprint? The drifting looks very accurate and this looks quite fun to play!

Its made 99% in c++ including Effects are also in C++, 15c++ classes average 1000 lines of code including Large Physics Function Library written for this Custom PhysX based Racing Engine. Each car has over 100 setup properties so I am able to make not just drift cars but formula, offroad, and other vehicle types. In Blueprints its only assembled… First time i’ve started making Racing Game with blueprints, it was not enought , with chaotic tons of blueprint nodes (I was getting Donkey from that xD lol ), as Physics needs some intensive tick calculations & uses very complex functions… So now in c++ it has almost nothing to calculate & system resources fells do another important job. About Funt to play, i am sometimes playing over two hours for testing purposes only

By studing Car Physics, its very hard/complex process . High level knowledge of c++ ,Math, inventing, tweaking is required
Sorry , i cannot help You that easy way, simply impossible without mathematical knowledge of physics to get stable drift, you will be just trying , sometimes happens that trying gets sucesfulll, Hats Off , Finally i will redirect You to wikipedia – > Vehicle dynamics - Wikipedia … there are thousands of ways to do this if you put maths together You will need to understand how car behavior is chaning due to gravity , speed, temperature, slilpangle, slipratio, downforce, acceleration/decelleration, weight, mass, Inertia(hardest part), torque applied, , CentripetalForce, CentrifugalForce , Camber , Caster, Toe Suspension|Wheel Angles & dilematic procedure of picking that right inputs to get this even playable (I have picked Gamepad as primary Controller as it is most used controller for Console Games) & many more factors, … most of theese factors are comming from Three basic Newtons Rules. So I hope you understand that this game is not made that simple way & its made 99% in pure c++.with tons of function,calculations, measuremens, plots, graphs… Very important part of developing was also watching real world inspiring drifters videos on Youtube including Gymkhana motosports , Ken Block the one of the Best Rally Drivers in The World , Drift Japan, Togue Extreme Forrest Road Driftters Japan & others,
Note: This game is not using|containing any of VehicleMovementComponent , PhysX Vehicles API or any avaliable vehicle plugin from Marketplace or any stuff avaliable from Youtube tutorials with ALL RESPECT TO THEIR CREATORS.

Some High Speed Track Drift

Looks like a very fluid game… Surprised there’s not more comments.
About how long have you been working on the game, Aug-2015 etc?
How long did it take you to learn the Physics and Adv. Math involved?
Any plans to develop the environments more Asia,/Europe stylisation?

Very nice game!

Can u please add similar drift score system(speed, angle, area of road, …): Need For Speed Underground 2: Walkthrough Part #169 - Stadium Drift 4 [Hidden Drift] (Stage 5)

This game has started from scratch one year ago, october/november 2016 named UE4 Racing Game with that Lamborghini in Blueprints – > here is how it was looking , & once after a few moths it was completely reworked/AlmostStartedFromScratch into c++… I was good in math before this project, so it helped me a lot to speed up the process. Also there was a ittle break while coding c++ plugin with name “WM Input Manager” already RELEASED…

Score system is already on its way including Replay Manager & Multiplayer(later).

Also for Asia/Europe stylisation, I will prefer mixing stylisation of all counutries around the world even if I am already from Europe, phase of stylisation,models,levels, gameplay rules is next goal after there will be final phase of physics finished as I would like to use more racing styles , not just pure drift. – > Drift/SpeedRace/Offroads/Rally/ all these racing genres contains abililty to DRIF-T.

Hi All, ,

Here is my new video , improved physics and finally smooth drifting