Dreamtaker - how do you like the idea?

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to see your opinions about the idea I have. Allright, here we go:


The game begins with Dana, a little girl, waking up in a forest at night. After some aimless wandering she stumbles upon a tall, excentric man, which informs her that she’s dreaming, and that he’d like to become the owner of the dream once she’s gone. All she needs to do is signing a contract. She doesn’t fully trust him and tells him to guide her to someone else she could talk to. They go to a nearby lighthouse or a temple, in which there’s intense partying going on. At the party she speaks with village elder/higher monk to figure out what’s going on. He confirms, that giving the ownership of the dream to the tall stranger is a good idea. Before they’re done talking, a terrified villager bursts into the chamber and screams “<insert villains name here> is unshackled! The corruption is spreading!”
As they soon see, animals and plants are disfigured in a twisted way, altering them to become bloodlusty monsters. The girl decides, that she will give up her dream after the corruption is gone. The tall Dreamtaker becomes her sidekick, frequently complaining how insane her wish is. They go to the Witchdoctor, which gives her a bizarre totemic amulet, letting her reversing the curse, one being at a time.
Having that, she embarks on an epic journey, full of excentric characters and mighty bosses, not knowing that the corruption is a dreamy manifestation of the feverish sickness which kills her real body.
Mid game she fights a main villain near an ancient device, but fails, letting him use it. The device tears the dream, making it more delliric, the chunks of landscape begin to float or shape in impossible ways.
By the end of the game she finds out that she’s dying, as she begins to cough and her head spins sometimes. After defeating the last boss, the villain, she recovers the device and cleanses the world of the curse.
The deadly sickness is beaten.


The game will be a 3D platformer, with a Dark Soulsy combat system. There will be no stats or weapon differentiation, just the Totemic Amulet, providing two kinds of attack:
A weak ranged one
A strong melee one

The enemies would have a HP bar which would represent the Curse Meter, after it’s deplenished, the animal turns into it’s harmless, pre-corruption version. There would also be an energy dash, having a plenty of I-Frames.
As you can see, the game dumbs down many aspects of Dark Souls, but that’s a purposeful decission, as I’d like this to be the game for kids.

Also, while jumping, there will be a slow fall move (think Rayman).

Notable Characters

Dreamtaker - a tall weirdo, which notoriously calls Dana “darling” in rather ironic way. A slick chap, which avoids conflict until it directly influences his interests.

Caroline, The Dream Painter - a beautiful maiden, which spends days on creating worlds. A love interest of Dreamtaker, his custom of collecting dreams can be seen as an obsession about her and her works. Really nice and supportive person, encouraging kindness and exploration.

The Witchdoctor - a short gentleman, quite a trickster, of which you never truly know if he’s with or against you (think Jack Sparrow). He likes speaking in riddles just to spice the life up.

Benedictus and Maledictus - twin brothers, a mid game boss. Benedictus is a confident swordsman, which is really zealous with his sense of justice, while Maledictus is a master of deception, vanishing in smoke, appearing from shadows, clawing and throwing explosive potions. He’s lazy, but always willing to help those dearest to him.

Prince of the Land of Stench - a malformed skunk, hungry with power and violence. A mid game boss. After the curse is lifted, he turns out to be a really kind elder person, and an owner of an impressive library (which will be needed at that point of the plot).

A Lunatic Dancer - a late game boss, very deceptive. She will constantly dance while fighting. The fight will take place in a moonlit garden full of blossoming flowers. After being defeated, she’ll thank Dana, and just dance away, without any more speaking.

The Bone Collector - a young girl, extremely weird. She has the power to turn into a butterfly, and spends most of the time playing with bones she finds. Shrouded with mystery, she’s believed to have no teeth in her collection, as she eats them, and also some say she’s a daughter of the Dreamtaker.


As you may have noticed, this game merges Soulslikes with the good old 3D Raymans, adding some Alice in the Wonderland to the mix.
What do you think of it?

She doesn’t trust him yet asks him where to go? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice overall. I like it.

Well, what else could she do at that point? :smiley:

Thank you much :slight_smile: