DreamPax game is started

Hello everyone!

May be, it looks banal or stupid.
May be, you say “Hey, this is one more crazy deviant”. Ok. Please do it if you want.
Probably you are right. Nevertheless, I believe that to be a little crazy is many times better that watch zombiebox (I mean TVset) and do nothing.

I want to create a game. It’s going to be the game of my life and I ready to share it.
It is started, however, my knowledges are strongly limited.
I have some budget and ready to pay for it, notwithstanding it’s more than modest money for project like this. However, I believe that unbelievable can be real with some help.

I don’t want to use some start up resources. We need to be a maximum independent for saving the main idea. Of course, I’m open for discuss with you and changes.

I see that my time and intelligence are limited for this task. I’m able to support just one young developer, who decide to join me. Let’s say approximately 1.000$ per month during the 1 year. I don’t think that this proposal is interesting for an experienced professional. However, if you are professional and want to join, I’m open for any proposal.

So, I have an idea. And I desperately need to share it.

It’s going to be the game for everyone. There is a great place for designers and coders. And for children also, who can see beauty and want to be creators. We are able to grow next generation of creators. Fans of shooter will find some places in the game also.
Open world as much as it possible for server, survival and creative mode at one time, sandbox, fully destroyable world.

How are we going to do it? How can we boost imagination for children? And any other question…
Just join, and I’ll open it for you. May be somewhere I’ll be wrong. But we are one team, yes? We can solve it.

The name of this project is Dreampax. You may find the website and record in YouTube. This is a very beginning. And I really and desperately need like-minded persons.

Thanks, in advance, guys!

It’s still actual.

Hi, everyone!

Project is developing.
Fortunately, we have a small team and devote significant free time to the DreamPax project.
It was a difficult time to try different approaches and find a path. Now we are on the right way!

This is a simple presentation

We are looking for animators for boosting developing process.
And, of course, we are open for everyone who really want to participate in the project.