Dreaming Epic...

So, had a dream last night.

James G shook my hand, we chatted some developer stuff…
…Then Chance (for some reason) was surfing down a concrete street on an Unreal surf board…
…Not sure what it means, other than I might have to seek mental help.

Anybody else have random Unreal/Epic dreams when they’ve been in engine a wee bit too long?

My Epic dream came true with the new Ecosystem tools that are being worked on :cool:

Dreamt once I was editing nodes all night. Got up the next day and decided to count it as work and went out to play instead. :slight_smile:

That wasn’t a dream, TheJamsh, Chance just happens to really enjoy surfing on concrete!

This is the only place i surf

I have had a dream where I was working with blueprint nodes to manipulate reality… that was a weird one.

Is that cary these days chance? Polar vortex must be hittin yall big time

once had a dream that i had one chance to chat with tim sweeney but no matter what i did my keyboard only typed the letter Q so he got offended and had me blacklisted from the engine D:

You guys must smoke the good stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I too had a weird dream few days ago. I was visiting Tim Sweeney’s home and it had no stairs at the entrance. So I had to climb the walls and I saw him sitting on a chair. I talked with him about SVOGI and he replied to that but i dont remember what he said. Next thing I remember was, we both were walking to Epic Studio and at the entrance there was a stranger. I gave him my phone and asked him to take a picture of me and Tim and he took the picture and ran away with my phone. :confused:

Then i woke up…

ive had a few like that but dream in code instead of nodes. there is usually something like a ‘real life’ 3d hud with code and log windows, i have to write or alter some code in them for the dream to continue. thats when i know its time for a break from developing lol.

Sounds like Mark Rein showed up to pull a prank on you and Tim lol

That, my friend… is awesome! I haven’t been snowboarding in years. Is that somewhere in the US? It sucks that us brits have to go far abroad to find any decent snow :frowning:

This is in the Rocky Mtns in Colorado ~1200ft elev.

Chance, your concrete material is off in that screenshot, cmon dude…

Drugs are bad, m’kay?

Yeah, spec and roughness are really, really bad. Skybox isnt so bad. Thinking about putting it on Marketplace /shrug

Haha…This made my day! :smiley:

Awesome place! I get some snow time when I’m visiting my family here (Dachstein West, Austria), I just don’t have a board atm, have to buy a new one :smiley:

Atm here in Austria it looks more like that…unfortunately no snow at all (like the last few years) :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to the topic…it sounds weird, but sometimes I dream that I write some C++ lines in vs → then I know that I should take a break from programming :stuck_out_tongue: