Dreamaker looking for UE4 Blueprinter and 2D artist

Hello all!
My name is ayat and I have been tasked with putting up this ad in behalf of my team. Currently we are going through the initial steps of our game development and looking to extend our team and the project.


  • UE4 Blueprinter with experience in 2D action games. As always, any knowledge of C++ is a big plus, but frankly as long as you can provide what is needed, we are not that picky!
    -A 2D character and environment artist who can match our current style (samples at the end of the post). We have a wonderful artist who has done some spectacular drawings and we need you to match his style.

-18+ years old
-Be able to communicate adequately in English. English is not our first language but we require enough knowledge of the language to allow enough communication in the team.
-Be able to keep a reasonable pace in completing the tasks that are assigned to you.
-Be willing to work on the project for free, of course we plan on releasing the game when we think we have a good product on our hands, but until then everyone is working for free.

**The game! **
The game is about a prisoner in an underground facility, being experimented on. One day you, as the player get a chance to escape from the prison, and you start fighting your way to the surface, to freedom! Over the course of the game you will find out why you have been put into this facility and the goal behind the experiments. The game takes inspiration from old school platformers such as Mega Man.
The game is very early in the development cycle, the project officially started from December and we have added some new people to our project.

Final words, the team and samples
As you might have noticed, there is not much info about the game yet, unfortunately we hit a snag early on and our programmer had to leave the project. We hope we can find additional enthusiast people to join our team so we can speed thing along.
Here is the list of the people currently working on the project and their roles:

-Alfrays: Director, designer and writer
-Coreyzack: Sound designer and music writer
-Fraser: Artist
-Ayat: Animator

And finally, here are some character arts and samples we have done: