Dream Phaze - award winning novel ideal content for Unreal project

I have a kernel of an idea. Here’s the pitch. All stories/projects start with words on paper. I have the words. The story is written now it has to be visualised.

I have written two near-future sci-fi ebooks called Dream Phaze - Germination and Dream Phaze - Imagination based around engineered dreaming as mainstream entertainment. Check it out here:

I’m looking for individuals who would like to participate in developing Dream Phaze into as many media spin-offs as possible to create a shared universe. This is not a paid exercise. It is a likeminded group of people who want to develop their talents/income using the same story theme across multiple platforms, feeding off each other. The creators would retain copyright in what they create and retain all income generated from that media. The idea is that all media feeds the Dream Phaze shared universe, the singularity, and the sum slowly/quickly becomes larger than the parts, which in turn propels everything forward gathering momentum over time. This will not be a quick exercise. The DP Collaborative Content Venture will be a considered, inspirational community that will build over time. The project is to generate income by feeding off the greater DP shared universe content. Only committed individuals are required, no tyre kickers please. You may wish to recruit people who may be interested in jointly creating content.

I have a day job and I would expect the content developers to also have day/night /part-time jobs to pay the bills and feed them. This would be a hobby working towards one goal, the Dream Phaze shared universe, exploiting all its media forms. These media forms could be, but not limited to: Web/streaming series, games, graphic novels. If your interest is piqued, check out the website, the novel and get in contact. Thanks.