Dream Master | DOWNLOAD & PLAY!

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Hi Everyone,

My team and I would like to present our video game project done in a span of 7 weeks at school(NAD, Montreal). The goal was to recreate a retro game using a new look in Unreal Engine 4, and we ended up with Dream Master.

Now in this revival, you get to play as Nemo returning to Slumberland, a world filled with surprises, you must harness the power of your 4 animal plushies and escape the mysterious Slumberland.

I hope you all enjoy the experience :slight_smile:

(Concept Art, Texturing)
(Character Modeling, Texturing, Modeling, Concept Art)
(Animation, Rigging)
(myself) (Blueprint, Concept Art)
(Game Design, Level Design, Level Art, Modeling )
(Modeling, Texturing)
(UI, FX, Materials)
(Music, SFX)

Special Thanks:

(A warning: one of our team member had troubles with AVAST anti virus while downloading - best to turn off during the download)

Download includes: Playable game, Game Design Doc(French) + Concept Art, Selected beauty shots of our game.



Great job! Nice mood

Thanks Zahir!

Forgot to mention Keyboard keys 1 -2 -3 change graphic settings in game. I had to implement this since my pc is ****.

Great work guys! I love the art style and it was really fun to play!

Thank you for playing our game! We’re glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

thanks Punchline :slight_smile:

Awesome job guys … like the concept and the powers from the stuffed toys. 8-}

Thanks! We appreciate the feedback

By the way anyone using a Mac let me know I’ll try to make a build for mac if needed.

A master piece !!!

Thank you! This was an awesome learning experience

this is pretty similar to what I’ve been working on, my game also takes place in slumberland, are you a fan of the old, Little Nemo comic strips too? the ones by Winsor McCay.
here’s my game:

Hey that’s pretty neat and colorful. Our project was a reboot of the dream master game on NES. Our teacher gave each team a game at random. It was up to us to decide the art direction and gameplay mechanics. I gotta say it was very intense, I had little to no knowledge on blueprint but unreal has done an amazing job with their node system. Its so easy to use.