Dream III: Ancients

My third (and shortest) audio-visual experiment in Unreal Engine. Features an ancient portal long lost and forgotten in the arctics of a distant realm. In each experiment, my love for Unreal Sequencer increases as animating the particles, fog and other items in the level gets even easier in each project. 4K stills available at Artstation. Hope you like this.

Artstation:[ArtStation - Dream III: Ancients

](ArtStation - Dream III: Ancients)

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Hey thank you very much! I’m very amateur at composing so your words are gold to me thanks! I have an M-Audio 192/4 audio interface with Nektar Impact LX61 Midi keyboard. For software, I use Cakewalk but I’m planning to switch to ProTools when I have time (need time for tutorials:D). I mostly use digital instruments that can be played in Kontakt. Kontakt has a very easy to use interface.

Unfortunately the marketplace can’t be even an option because some of the assets are from example projects or Marketplace assets. In this project for example, the triangle shapes and fractal models are mine but the ice material and snow particles are from Epic’s Particle Cave project. The base I mean. I heavily modified them for my own taste. I completely changed the material of the particle for example but the particle cascade is the same. The skybox is a flowmap based skybox which I’m already selling at the Marketplace ( Matte Painting Skybox Pack III). In my other projects I used some other Marketplace assets too. Although very modified, can’t be eligible to distribute in the Marketplace because of this. But in future I may create tutorials on how to combine all these elements if there are any demands. Thanks!

Third installment is also great!

Really like the immersive aspect, lovely visuals, sounds, effects, really nice :smiley:

Only bad thing, it’s to short :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Wanderer_eternal,

Hope you’re doing well!

This is truly breathtaking and otherworldly in the very best ways. The colors you chose as well make the entire scene so dreamy and tranquil.
What inspired this project if you don’t mind me asking? :smiley: