Dream II: Spire Fortress

My second audio-visual experiment rendered real time in UE4. Again, it was a map that I designed for Voidrunner, our first game in RealityArts. I made it in 2017 but revised it recently for this flyby. I wanted to combine gothic and Ottoman architecture in a psychedelic environment. Music also composed & performed by me. 4K stills available at Artstation page. Hope you like it.

Artstation:ArtStation - Dream II: Spire Fortress


Wow, that scene is soo immense and immersive! :eek:

Really cool and love the lighting, music, sounds and the kind of nebula the camera cross :slight_smile:

Very cool! The atmosphere is amazing!

P.S. isn’t the flags animation a bit too strong for a seems like calm rest of the scene? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@Oleksii; well maybe but looks cool:D you are right though, I should have put more elements like dust particles or so to add more windy feeling. Thanks for the feedback! Will be more careful in future works.

Very emotive in quite a foreboding way. Becoming more intense with each successive portal, almost to the point of panic setting in. Well done.

Love to see another fellow who make audiovisuals! Very skillful and fine work!

everyone can comment on other peoples work but the flag animations in the wind are flowing the same… apart from that it is impressive good work.

Yes, the flags and wind…In my opinion this is very well made and immersive, as Steve pointed out. I like it a lot, and I can learn a ton from your work.

Looks cool. This should be a demo on the marketplace.

This is super cool, I like this even more than your previous one. Fan of your work now, please keep doing them :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions!