Dream I: Dune Gate

An audio visual experiment rendered real time in UE4. Originally, it was a map that I designed for our first game in our studio, Voidrunner. I wanted to connect neo modern architecture with ancient culture in this piece and I powered it with Unreal’s impressive particle systems and volumetric fog. I also composed the music. More images in the Artstation link. Hope you like it.

Artstation link

Cool concept. I’ve always found these kinds of music & art mixes interesting, and it’s another way to make use of previously created assets.

Looks great!

I just watch “Dream II” before this video. While the scale is much smaller than Dram II, the immersion is there and I really like the mix of lightshaft / smoke effects :smiley:

Thanks everyone!

@Stevelois; yes I spent lots of time for particles in this one to cover for the uninteresting camera movement. Thanks!