DrawText HUD Logic help?

Hi, I’m working on inventory for my hud, and I’m trying to draw text over each inventory slot (also want to create a counter for each slot to be used as an index for the array for the actual inventory items). The problem that I’m running into is it’s running through the logic constantly.

Obviously I’m not understanding how the HUD class works as this really wasn’t the expected result; each slot does appear to be appear to be added to by one, but I don’t understand why all the DrawText’s are being added to by one constantly.

Any help is appreciated.

Attached is the blueprint+result - the numbers are constantly increasing, for example in another 5 seconds they’ll all be 50000+

you’re not resetting your Slot Counter variable … it should probably be done right before the first loop.

Perfect! Thank you very much for the help!

No problem man, keep on trucking.