DrawMaterialSimple not drawing anything in 4.9??

HI All,

In my previous version of UE4 the DrawMaterialSimple was working perfectly. But in 4.9 DrawMaterialSimple is not drawing anything please help me with this issue.


Do you gotta pic of your setup? Picture or http://www.blueprintue.com

I’m using c++ not blueprints I’ll paste it here DrawMaterialSimple(RadarDisplayMaterial, OffsetRadar.X, OffsetRadar.Y, HUDRadiusRange, HUDRadiusRange, 1);. Inside a function called DrawRadar I’ve written these lines and I’ve called that DrawRadar function inside DrawHUD

Are you sure that DrawRadar is even being called? It sounds like it should be since it is under DrawHUD but go ahead and test it outside of DrawRadar.

Plus, it might be calling it but your parameters might be off which could be a reason as to it’s mysterious disappearance.

Yes I’m calling DrawRadar function inside the DrawHUD and I’ve tested DrawMaterialSimple with a new function DrawTest in that I’m using the different material and new scale values everything still it is not coming.

Is your material translucent, additive or modulated? if so, there is bug that makes material dissapear.

Solution may be, if possible, switch it to masked. In my case it looks horrible, but at least i have some idea what is going on my HUD.