Drawing materials in slate

I want my Sbutton to contain a dynamicmaterialinstance instead of a a image. How do I draw a material in slate?

Materials are usable on any brush type
and there is a new brush type
(FSlateMaterialBrush) for dynamic

So create a SlateButtonWidgetStyle asset in content browser and just assign Material instead of texture to Normal/Hover/Pressed variables. If you dont know how to manage Style styling, take a look into Shooter example.

I couldn’t use materials when I am creating slate style widget in the editor. I allows me only to add 2dtextures. I am using 4.2 I have not updated the version yet. Do I need to create a slate style manually in c++?

Why is slate so confusing -_-

I went through the whole vehicle game code and I couldn’t find anything regarding using materials. Even though I am new to slate, I couldn’t understand really any UI code.

In a recent twitch stream, the devs said they have materials working for UMG. Now we just have to wait for UMG to come around. I’m anxiously awaiting this feature also. :slight_smile: Please something by 4.4 …

Yes I too would really like to use UMG. For making widgets and data binding c++ is fine. But when it comes to styles and brushes, i cant really understand any code of it.

And I also want to know how to use materials as images in slate buttons and change them dynamically.

Using materials as a brush is available in version 4.3