Drawing coordinate axes around player actor

I’m doing this in C++, but I’ll demonstrate in blueprints or regular talk cause its easier to show.

I want to draw coordinate axes around the player (using 3 'Draw Debug Line’s for x, y, z axes) on tick.

While this works properly:

Line Start = Get Actor Location
Line End = (Get Actor Forward/Right/Up Vector * 1000 (ie 10m)) + Get Actor Location

this does not:

Line Start = Get Actor Location (say gal for short)
Line End.x = gal + (gal.x + 1000, gal.y, gal.z)
Line End.y = gal + (gal.x, gal.y + 1000, gal.z)
Line End.z = gal + (gal.x, gal.y, gal.z + 1000)

The second method the lines are skewed and the further away from the world 0,0,0 I go the more skewed they are. I’m confused about this right now. Ideas why the second method doesn’t work? There is something that eludes me. Thanks in advance for helping.

You are adding gal twice. Try this instead:

Line End.x = gal + (1000, 0, 0);
Line End.y = gal + (0, 1000, 0);
Line End.z = gal + (0, 0, 1000);

I have solved this since. I knew I was doing something stupid. My head was stuck at the time. But thanks for the help man!