Drawing and Recognizing Shapes in World Space [Or HUD if it allows]

Hey guys,

I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to approach this mechanic.
I want to be able to trace/recognize shapes/lines players draw with their mouse on the screen.

So similar to Tilt Brush in the sense of drawing the shapes, however once these shapes are drawn, I would like to be able to compare them to other predetermined shapes to see if they match, if they do or are close enough then perform an action of some kind.

TiltBrush Video

In my head, I can imagine using Static meshes with sockets/triggers which will just detect to see if the players drawn shape has overlapped with them, for example; if it overlaps 4/5 triggers then its a pass!

But before I continue, does this idea seem achievable in Blueprints?

If not can it be simplified in a way to emulate a similar affect using blueprints?

Other Ideas could include, using Splines, HUD/Canvas if its possible to draw like that as well.

Thanks for the help guys,

Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Did you ever solve this?