Drawing a path / object following that path (Leap Motion)

Hey Guys,

I’m in the planning phase for a project for my class in artschool. The topic of the course is sound art / sound objects. I want to create a VR environment set in a server room / data center where the player is able to manipulate objects (emitting modular parts of music) within that space to play with interesting spacial sound concepts. I want the player to be able to create paths with their hands (tracked by the leap) and then dropping objects onto that path area and having them follow that path. I am pretty new to Unreal, I did a VR project in Unity last semester albeit without a lot of interaction since my coding skills are pretty much nonexistent. I have worked with node based scripting and did some blueprint tutorials before

Basically I want to recreate the tractor beams from portal 2 but enable the player to create them wherever they want Portal 2 Tractor Beam (Excursion Funnel) music - YouTube

My concept of doing this would be tracking the position of the hand while periodically placing some sort of force direction. How do I make sure the object stays on that path? How would I go about letting players redraw / delete / maybe even push around the path?

I’d also love to have an area where objects behave in 0g and emit their sound everytime they touch the boundaries of that area. I want the player to be able to drop / throw objects into the area to create kind of a phase shift effect for the sound.

I have the feeling this might get a little complicated and I would love to start watching relevant tutorials and maybe get some advice from you guys because I’m kind of lost on where to start to be honest.

A very quick visualization mockup:

Thanks for any help or advice! I have about 2 months to finish the project and can work on it for 3-4 days a week