Drawing a line on static mesh in UE4

Basically I need to draw a line on existing imported static meshes. I’m making a Tattoo Game. Its going to be a top down view. I need a few things:

  1. I need to have a static mesh (IG: The Tattoo Machine) follow the X and Y and Z coordinates of my Mouse.
  2. I need to be able to draw a line on mousePress true.
  3. I need the line to stay on mousePress false.

How can this be implemented in UE4 blueprint? Can it?

I’d be surprised if something like this couldn’t be done, I don’t have the expertise to say do it this way or that way though.
Maybe decals or having spline follow the needle could be something to look into?

Again I’m just guessing here.

I thought the same, possibly using decals or perhaps even drawing 2D on the HUD itself. Id prefer in in 3D, but implementing it in blueprint is causing my significant difficulty.

Try This…Link Still Works

I would use a render target for this kind of thing, not decals.

Render Targets from blueprint are broken in 4.6, but working in 4.7.