Draw vectors and shapes on runetime.

Hello everyone,

I’m building a game where you can draw lines to delimit certain zones.
Something like the grids here:
or the dotted lines here:
Or the curves that are seen here:

Is this something that can be achieved with blueprints?
If not, are there any plugins or libraries i could use to achieve this?

Either way, super thanks for taking a look at my question :slight_smile:

You can do this with world Uv aligned material in material editor.

This plugin (i think) does it, but you do not need it all you need most basic solution.
However look at videos of that Supergrid plugin, to see if you need something similar.

Also note that this plugin uses same effects as you need, but it is not something that you need to buy, it does something different, just uses same type of material.


tutorial about such material (just replace texture with grid mask).

Hey Nawrot, that’s for the response.
This would work for the grid but how would it allow me to draw curves and stuff on the ground when a person tries to draw a road?

You can try spline actor, or do it with beam emitters.