Draw Textured Font - BP

I’ve got a working prototype completed for displaying text from individual character textures. (Atlas textures in the future maybe?)

The current state of UMG provides very little formatting abilities, and many games use custom font textures for more detail. The few blueprints I have developed allows a very simple way to display text using individual textures, with proper font size scaling and character spacing.

The node, Draw Texture Font has all of the options to set. I’m planning on adding a ‘follow target’ functionality to have the text hover over an actor if enabled.


At this point of time, I need to clean the code and make some finishing touches. I’ll upload this as a free asset pack for you to use. However, this has been made specifically for my upcoming work, Super Earth Hakai, so it will have features geared towards RPG UI design.


I would love to test it out for you!