Draw Test Should Turn On & Off on Collision

I made this ladder and I want it to show and hide text when entering and exiting the collision on the ladder. I have watched Tesla Dev’s video on the draw text node and using HUDs. However I am not sure if that all applys to what I am doing plus the video is outdated. Here is what I have now. What can I do to make it work?
In picture number one, it shows the ladder with the collision. In picture two it shows the map blueprint. I have it so that it begins and ends overlapping collision and does stuff (.-.) But shouldn’t this be in the Ladders script? Because overlapping is something that would be happening in the collision on the ladder script.
In picture number three, it shows the actual ladder blueprint and it just has these three things that Tesla Dev did. I don’t think they should be there?
Picture four shows when Tesla Dev made a HUD, I have the HUD and everything looks good I think, but in his video he made something connect to opening branch, I can’t do it because he used an outdated version.
Lastly, in picture five Tesla had a function made. I have no idea why that is needed. But I’m guessing since boolean means true and false it is asking if it is colliding in the ladder or not.

So what can I do to make this work correctly? Any help is appreciated.

Bump? Any help…