Draw RayTrace

So uh, being relatively new to RayTracing ( And blueprints in general ), assuming you can in blueprints, how do you draw a RayTrace?

Thanks in advance, mechron :slight_smile:

If I understood you right, all you need do to is set ‘Draw Debug Type’ on your ray trace node to “Persistent”(/For Duration/For One Frame) . This will draw a line representing the ray.

If you want to plot out arbitrary debug points you can use any of the Draw Debug Point / Draw Debug Line, etc nodes,

I know I can debug it, but how do I get like a bullet trail? Thanks

Hmm, assuming you’re using projectiles to represent your bullets, maybe spawn a particle system attached to your projectile? Perhaps a ribbon emitter or a beam emitter with start point being your weapon and the end point bound to the projectile… Just some ideas based on the Cascade tutorials that I’ve myself been browsing today.

Hopefully others can chip in as well, I recall seeing a projectile weapon thread using curvy bullet trails accounting for the projectile falling down due to drag, etc (those were debug lines though as far as I remember).

Oh thanks for your reply, but I haven’t used projectiles, is attaching a projectile in the direction of my raytrace and attaching a ribbon emitter to it the only way? Thanks

You could get the world location of where the bullet should leave the gun, and the world location from the hit feed back by the trace node.
If there are any content that can be rendered as a bullet trail you know where it should start and end, as for making of the actual bullet trail in question, that is probably a question for the content subforum, no?

Maybe some kind of particles, or some other smart trick.

Ahh thanks :slight_smile: