Draw navigation path

Hi all.

I’m trying to draw a smooth trajectory for my characters before they commit to a navigation path, very similar to XCom’s method of controlling. Let's Play X-Com: Enemy Unknown - Part. 2 - YouTube
Could someone please point me in the right direction. I tried making a pawn, made up of just a capsule collider colliding with world meshes only, with a ribbon particle emitter attached but the outcome wasn’t very elegant! The pawn moved too slowly and the emitted trail wasn’t smooth

I think what you plan to do is not that easy to implement with blueprints only. Feel free to prove me wrong though.
First step would be getting your hands on the actual path data, nodes + locations and such. Then you would have to figure out the best way to draw the path in the world. Depending on how you want the path to be visualized there are numerous ways. Some are harder, some are easier.

I can only seem to get ‘Random Points’ from the navigation data rather than a route specific list. Is there a way to list the points required for a specific route?

Hey maffew, how are you able to get the random points from the navigation data? I’m actually trying to do the exact same thing as you with the xcom feature as an end goal as well. If you can grab points, I imagine you could just loop through points, manually determine when the point is no longer in a straight line with the starting point, draw a line, and then start a new line at the same point. I’m not sure how it all works though because I don’t even know how to get the points you’re talking about.

Edit: I think I see what you mean now. The Get Random Point node. I thought you meant you could grab individual points along the path from start to end. I’ll let you know if I find anything, please let me know if you do as well.