Draw material blueprint works only Once!

hi! this is my first question posting here! (i guess!) yay!
so! i have a closed door and i want to draw a warning message, telling the player whenever he gets close to the door to complete a certain task before this door magically opens (if u haven’t already done it!) so i create a HUD blueprint, i add an Event Receive Draw HUD node and plugged it to a gate to create a condition to see if the player is inside a certain trigger box, Draw material simple, if not, nothing appears. so to create that conditioning function i created a blueprint interface, inside that i created a bool and i called it “show text?”, i came back to level blueprint and created 2 events for that trigger (one for beginning overlap and one for ending) and plugged each one to a “show text?” bool blueprint interface, one is checked and one unchecked, and for target for “show text?” i have a Get Player Controller plugged into a Get HUD (these ones were inside the level blueprint) after that i came back to my HUD Blueprint and using Blueprint Props i added that “show text?” as an event, plugged it to a branch and show text? to branch’s condition slot and finally i used the True to open the gate and false to close it. up until about now everything works fine, i fire up the level i go in and out of the trigger as many times as i want and every time i see the message, but! when i close the editor and open it again! nothing works! :frowning: when i open the level blueprint, it seems ok, when i go in and out of the trigger the signals are firing there but when i create a break point in my HUD blueprint nothing happens there! pleaaaaaase help meee!

oh and by the way i’m using the 4.4 version!

Level blueprint setup:

HUD Blueprint Setup: