Draw Icon on Hud at position: X,Y,Z

Hello, I’ve got an icon to appear at X and Y, but how do I set the Z of the icon? For example if the actor is below the player, I’d want the icon to be there on the Hud.

So is the billboard component, but you can still draw a texture above, or below an actor.

The HUD option of drawing things is incredibly simple. You don’t have a Z.

It’s nothing but a 2D space. What is drawn last is on the top. This means if you draw something at the very beginning, and then draw something above it, the second thing will be displayed.

Unless you have a very specific set of requirements and know what you want to do and what you are doing I would suggest using UMG though.

Your HUD by default has no connection to the game itself.

It’s not a billboard. It’s your screen. Right at the very front above all else. It’s “just” a compilation of the available pixels on which you can display specific things besides the rendered 3D world.

Though I think I misunderstood your question. Do you mind elaborating a bit more so I can get a better picture?

I’m not describing my problem very well. I’m going to rethink and try again. Give me a few days to figure this out. Thanks Erasio!