Draw HUD over UMG Widget

My HUD is a custom mouse cursor and my UMG widget is a menu.

I’d like to draw the HUD over the menu. How do I do this?

Bump: I am also having the same issue. My custom mouse cursor is appearing in game, but when i try to select a button on my UMG widget, the custom mouse cursor is behind the button.

Anyone know how to do this???

Bumped-how is this done?

In the Details panel for your UMG Widgets, there’s a setting called ‘ZOrder’. The higher you set that number, the ‘higher’ it appears on the screen. 0 would be on the bottom, 1 above that, 2 above both, etc.

Hope that Helps!

Thank you for your tip! Regarding the widgets there is no problem, however I can’t seem to find a similar option for the HUD itself. In my case, I created an RTS minimap in the HUD, which I want to put above an image (in the same position but with a different shape) which is a widget. How does the relation between widgets and the HUD z coordinates work?

Thanks in advance!

Never mind! Instead of using the minimap as a HUD, I just used the captured scene as a material and put it into an image in the widget. So now everything is widgets and I can control the depth!

Btw, the tutorial was this one: How to create a minimap with UMG? - UI - Unreal Engine Forums