Draw hit box issues

Hi there, I have a hud where I draw some buttons, and there’s a button that when I click on it I change it’s icon and when I do End mouse over, it spawns the object showed in the icon, the problem I’m having is that when I click this button, it also activate the end mouse over event and spawns the object. Any help on this?

Can you post a pic of your blueprint to elaborate on this?

I think it’s simple to understand, the “event hit box release” is activating the “event end hitbox cursor over” for the same hitbox. look.
Click to change icon
Draw shown icon
End Hit Box Over and spawn object

I think that when you click your button, it stops hovering event and calls button clicked event that’s why your object is spawned. I’m not home to play with this a bit and tell you how I would go about this though. When I get home I’ll get back to you if you still haven’t figured it out

Bump, any help?